Intercultural Mission Illustrated – Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, English – LiveABC enabled


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Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, American English – Live ABC enabled book.

This book does not have Cantonese.


This fully illustrated book is a useful resource for both evangelisation and sharing the word of Christ.


Translated into 4 languages, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and English (Americanised), there is 315 pages of content. Familiar verses from the bible, conversational phrases,  commonly used words, and a pronunciation matrix to help you understand and follow the material.


Content includes familiar Bible characters, Books  of the bible, Church Venue, Intercession, Ten commandments, Life of Jesus, The Bridge to Life, Commit to Jesus and Follow ups, etc.


Lesson 1 【誰 だれ 누가 Who】
Vocabulary:Position, Occupation, Country/Region (Nationality)
Additional Vocabulary:Relationship, Number, Bible Characters
Useful Expression:Self-introduction

Conversation:Mutual understanding

Appendix:Books of the Bible, Five-Fold Ministry, Heaven·Hell, Twelve Disciples, Bible Characters



Lesson 2 【哪裏 どこ 어디에서 Where】
Vocabulary:Verb, Church Venue, Direction
Additional Vocabulary:The Name of Lord
Useful Expression:Ask for directions

Appendix:Tabernacle, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Ten Plagues, The General Places and Phenomena in the Bible, Locations in the Bible



Lesson 3 【什麼 なに 무엇 What】
Vocabulary:Verb, Object, Classifier

Additional Vocabulary:Plants, Animals, Musical Instruments and Things for Praising, Gauges and Currency, Food in the Bible

Useful Expression:Invitation
Appendix:The Five Major Offerings, Sacrifices, The Priestly Garments, Body Parts



Lesson 4 【什麼時候 いつ 언제 When】

Vocabulary:Verb, Time, Activity, Season, Year, Month, Festival, Week, Day, Period of a Day, Frequency

Additional Vocabulary:King, Priest, Prophet, Judge
Useful Expression:Event Announcement
Conversation:Invitation and Feedback about the Event

Appendix:Jewish Calendar, Important Feasts, Farming Season, Climate, Year, Ten Commandments



Lesson 5 【耶穌生平 イエス様の生涯 예수님의 일생 The Life of Jesus】
Vocabulary:The Life of Jesus
Additional Vocabulary:Parable of the Heaven
Useful Expression:Verses in Matthew
Conversation:Leading a Bible Reading Group

Appendix:Jesus Being Tempted, The Beatitudes, Eucharist, Seven Last Words from the Cross



Lesson 6 【如何 どう 어떻게 How】
Vocabulary:The Bridge to Life, Commit to Jesus
Additional Vocabulary:New Life, God-centered Personalities, How to Pray
Useful Expression:Following a New Life in Jesus
Conversation:Mission Trip



Appendix:Sins and Consequences Arising from Sin, Spirital Fruit, Full Armor of God, Spiritual Gift, Referencing Words for Prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, Love Verses



Lesson 7 【神的應許 神の約束 하나님의 약속 God’s Promise】
Vocabulary:Created the Heavens and the Earth, A New Heaven and a New Earth
Additional Vocabulary:Attributes of God, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob’ s God

Appendix:Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies, Seven Golden Lampstands, Apostles’ Creed, Bible Passage, Isaiah 61:1-3, Blessings



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