Illustrated Hong Kong Cantonese + LiveABC pen Bundle (save on a bundle!)


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Discover the Hong Kong Cantonese culture through the Illustrated Hong Kong Cantonese interactive book.


This multilingual book is LiveABC enabled. With the compatible LiveABC pen (sold separately), touch and listen to over 2000 words and phrases.


  • The book is divided into 5 categories, Basic, Eating, Living, Shopping and Having Fun.
  • 5 language translation – Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and English.
  • With the electronic pen “LivePen” produced by LiveABC Interactive Corporation, learners can listen to the standard pronunciation and study Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese or Korean effectively anywhere, anytime!



Important – This product requires downloadable files which must be loaded onto the electronic pen in order for it to work with the book. You can download these files here 



If you wish for us to preload your pen with the audio files, please email us immediately to arrange this along with your order number –

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